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Roses are red 🌹
Valentines is tarty 👎🏻
STYLE is back on 😍
It’s time to party 😏

Kicking 2020 off with a killer start, Anderex [LIVE] gives us some of that hard Anderex sound coupled with private edits and something a little extra special.

And long overdue we welcome dj XDream, Australias queen of the Harder Styles! X-pect anything, X-pect everything!

Local legends supporting:
Jack Wilson
Guerrilla Warfare

STYLE, Newcastle's finest hardstyle night. It's family time! ♥

We are STYLE - Newcastle
Our family - STYLE - Newcastle's Hardstyle Community
King Street Hotel
Doors open 9pm | Club level opens 11pm
$5 drinks 'til midnight

------- ANDEREX -----------------------
Delving into the arcane world of music production at an early age, inspired heavily by early Hard Trance and Hardstyle influences, Anderex, hailing from Sydney Australia, is known to put his entirety of his energy and creativity into his experimental style of production that has slowly been bred and refined over many years by challenging himself to find his own unrivalled sound. Now, Anderex has promised himself to deliver a consistent brand of innovation through raw, innovative, never heard before sounds to the Hard Dance arena through his original tracks such as Gucci Bag, F*ck The Misdemeanour and his well known bootlegs.

Anderex’s sound can be witnessed through his chaotic live sets by fusing elements of the Harder Styles with Raw, Psy-Trance, Drum n Bass and a cross-breed of different genres, embodying Anderex’s signature style. Being the new kid on the block, Anderex has already left his mark within the Hardstyle scene which can be seen through the already huge international attention and support from pioneering artists such as Noisecontrollers, Atmozfears, Code Black, Riot Shift, Rooler
and countless others, proving Anderex is one to watch out for.
Now it’s time for Anderex to bring the Anarchy to you.

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------- XDREAM ------------------------

"If im not behind the decks ill be on the dance floor!"

It is this love for dancing that originally drove XDream to perfect the art of a DJ - XDREAM - THE COMPLETE X-FACTOR
Her intense energy is amazing to watch, originally a dancer & choreographer, her passion for dance is unmistakable, On stage she is dancing just as hard as anyone out there! Besides her obvious skills as a mixer and turntablist, her stage presence and intense energy keeps the crowd pumped and the floors filled. XDream plays pure X-STYLE she can play anything from uplifting trance right up to hardstyle, raw & hardcore & everything in between! She will always surprise you & She will always take you on an XDream journey!

You'll mostly hear her playing her unique, intense sound of her X-STYLE set's - starting with reverse bass, building into hardstyle & raw, specialising with huge melodies, hard kicks & intense energy whilst she is scratching, cutting, sampling, using acapella’s and singing her own vocals live! so she brings her own spice to every track.. there is never a dull moment!

XDream is also known for her 'classics sets' whether its early hardstyle or pure hard trance, her creativity with mixing & turntablism & mashups is what she became loved for, her live mashup mixes have always set her apart
from the other dj's.

Jamielee – DJ XDream began playing in 2003 and instantly became a force in Canberra's dance music scene, then winning the infamous INTHEMIX.COM in the top 5 dj's, seen her rise very quickly & become well known all over Aus. Since relocating to Sydney in 2005 XDream has carved for herself a solid place not only in Australia's hard dance scene.. but the worlds hard dance scene!
Her full biography & gig list is an accomplishment more then what most dj's could ever dream of!

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