OPENING TIMES (MUST BE IN BY 1.30AM) Friday 9pm-3.30am Saturday 9pm-3.30am Along with all Newcastle nightclubs, King Street has a 1.30am curfew and 3.30am closing time.


King Street are always looking for fun & vibrant staff who wish to join our team. For all job enquiries for Glassies, Bar Staff or Promotional work please email your resume & a profile picture to info@kingstreethotel.com. Interested in working at our venue? You will need your RSA and RCG. If you don’t already have them please contact our preferred training provider 5th Level Training. For any up & coming dj’s who are hoping to pick up a few set’s please email your full details to info@kingstreethotel.com, please list your experience & style of music you play, we are always after fresh Dj’s who can bring in a crowd & are committed to also promoting King Street.

Dress Regulations

Clean, neat and tidy is the key. No ripped, torn or dirty clothing allowed. Please feel free to ask any questions in regards to dress regulations before lining up. Headwear - No caps on Saturday nights. Hairstyles - Rats tails, mohawk and mullet hairstyles are not accepted. All other hairstyles must be in line with our clean, neat and tidy policy. Shirts/Jackets - The following clothing will not be allowed. Brands associated with fighting sports, large logos, sporting logos, alcohol branded clothing, sporting teams or sponsor logos. Some uniforms may also be excluded. Hooded jumpers must not be worn with the hood on inside the venue. Pants - In winter long pants must be worn on Friday and Saturday nights. In summer shorts are accepted on Friday nights. No board shorts, excessively baggy pants, some work pants, cargo pants and tracksuit pants. Footwear - All footwear must be clean and tidy, however we will not accept the following styles: joggers, work boots, steel or hard capped boots, thongs or ugg boots. Accessories - Visible tattoos are apart of your overall appearance. Offensive or intimidating tattoos will not be accepted. Thick gold or silver chains must be removed prior to entry. Any large rings may also need to be removed. Sunglasses are not to be worn in the King Street, this includes on top of your head. However sunglasses and hats can be checked into our cloak room at no charge. If you are showing signs of intoxication you will not be permitted entry into the King Street. Entry is at the discretion of door staff and management.

Lost and Found

Lost something at the King Street? If it is a tangible item (ie not your dancing ability/imaginary friend) some kind soul may have handed it in. Shoot us an email info@kingstreethotel.com or call 49278855 & we’ll check what we’ve got in our dress up box. Please note that after 2 weeks of sleepovers and pillow fights with our staff your neglected item will be donated to charity if not collected.


King Street has Strict RSA policies in place, if signs of intoxication are shown you will be asked to leave the premises. King Street has zero tolerance to drug activity, please note any suspicious activity will be reported to the police.


King Street is a member of the Newcastle Entertainment Precinct. The Newcastle Entertainment Precinct has been formed by Newcastle late night venues within the Newcastle Entertainment Precinct. The precinct has been designed to have common banned patron information between these venues in order to provide a safe environment within our entertainment precinct & to support those individuals who do the right thing while out at night. To find out more, head to www.newcastleentertainmentprecinct.com.au

Form Privacy Policy

By completing a form produced by King Street, you confirm you have reviewed, understood and agree to the following terms. Details and information collected by this form may be used by third parties for promotional purposes. From time to time King Street may send you offers from affiliated businesses of King Street. Each King Street Membership Card is valid for one person only and cannot be used by any person other than the Member whose name correlates to the King Street Membership Card issued. Membership may be cancelled/refused to individuals by King Street at its discretion, if Membership is deemed to be fraudulent, linked to a fraudulent Membership and/or a Member engages at any King Street venue and/or to an employee in a derogatory, harmful, drunken and/or manner otherwise regarded by King Street as highly inappropriate. King Street reserves the right to terminate a King Street Membership at any time without notice.

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